Planning a Destination Wedding in Mexico

Planning a Destination Wedding in Mexico

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While it used to be standard for couples to get married in their hometown, destination weddings are hotter than ever before. One of the hottest destinations for a wedding is Mexico.

The beautiful beaches and vibrant culture of Mexico attract many couples interested in planning a destination wedding. A tropical getaway in Mexico can be the ideal backdrop for a romantic ceremony. Most destination weddings in Mexico are held on the beach or by a body of water.

The locations that couples have to choose from within Mexico are one reason it is such a popular destination. The majority of weddings in Mexico take place in Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel, Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Mexico City. Since they are centered on tourism, you’ll have no problem finding sparklers for wedding reception guests and other supplies locally; which means you won’t have to pack them in your luggage on the flight down.

Though many couples choose Cabo San Lucas for their honeymoon others choose to get married there. This resort town is popular among tourists due to everything it has to offer. Couples are drawn to Cabo San Lucas as the perfect location for their destination wedding because of the beaches and the beautiful bodies of water. The Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez here, making the ambience one where romance is always in the air. With several spas and resorts it can be the perfect place for couples to relax before and after their wedding. Those that want to get married in Mexico but want a more secluded experience often travel one hour from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos. Couples who surf together love this destination as it is among Mexico’s top destinations to do so in.

Destination weddings in Cancun often revolve around the culture found there. Not only is Cancun famous for the beaches it has to offer, it is also well known thanks to a nightlife scene that visitors to Mexico can’t get enough of.

Aside from Todos Santos, another place to have a more secluded wedding in Mexico is the Isles Mujeres. At only five miles long, the island provides an intimate experience for couples. Those who enjoy underwater activities often flock to the island for its underwater museum, which is the world’s largest. There are also sea caves that divers love to explore. The island’s giant sea turtles hatch eggs between May and September every year. Couples getting married in Isles Mujeres this time of the year can often take wedding photos on the beach with the huge eggs the turtles hatch.

For a more traditional wedding and a destination wedding all rolled into one, Mexico City is a popular choice for its many historic churches located in the center of the city. The city also has several museums and is a great place to learn about Mexico’s history. Couples and their guests can do so by visiting the city’s ancient Aztec ruin, Tenochtitlan.

Couples who want to remain active before and after their wedding often choose Puerto Vallarta. The city offers activities such as bungee jumping and zip lining.

A destination wedding in Mexico gives couples many choices when planning the day with a wide variety of wedding venues available. Whether you want a secluded beach wedding or to say your vows in a historic downtown area of Mexico City, there a perfect destination to suite any need.


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